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REBlogworld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Rob Hahn

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Robert Hahn

Robert Hahn

A good thing happened a few months ago. Rob Hahn left the corporate life and went rogue. This was a good thing for the real estate industry. When Rob enters a conversation, the conversation benefits. Rob challenges, Rob questions, Rob wonders.

The timing was a good thing for REBlogWorld as well. At first, I wasn’t sure if Rob would want to bother with a “developing” event. REBlogWorld had little revenue and a limited track record. I needed to pull the Ace card, I pitched Vegas. To my surprise, Rob smiled and readily agreed to take on the challenge.

Developing a conference program is much harder than it appears. Juggling budgets, egos, politics, differing viewpoints, conflicting schedules, & communication breakdowns all make reaching the objective, a challenge.

REBlogWorld Programming Objective:

  • Diversity; both geographic & across all functions within the real estate transaction.
  • Relevance; delivering topics that are applicable, pertinent, and connected to successful outcomes so that attendees will not only compete but win more business in the twelve months ahead.
  • Differentiation; this isn’t a wash, rinse, repeat conference. Fresh perspectives. Technical content. Catering to the swift, not the resistant.

As a result of Rob’s effort, I believe you’ll be impressed with the dialogue, ideas, & exchange of information that flow from the sessions on Thursday. If the planning calls are any indication, we are all in-store for a rich conference experience at REBlogWorld 2009. Thank you Rob Hahn.

Rob Hahn – @robhahn tells why he likes REBarCamp from 100 Interviews on Vimeo.