Free Your Thinking About Domain Names

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This tip alone could put you on the google search map if you haven’t implemented it already.

Domain Names and Site Titles

I can’t tell you how many people seem to think that Domain Names and Site Titles have to be the same.


Domain Names should be keyword rich.  This is true.  But what if your domain name has the keywords but not in the order you want.  What if your domain name doesn’t havfe any of the keywords in it you really want to rank for in Google Search results.

It is time to take a good look at your Site Title.  It is not linked to your domain name.

For example:

Domain Name: (not a real domain name, yet)  The site name does not have to be Cincinnati RE Today.  It could be Cincinnati Real Estate, Or Bob Sells Cincinnati or . . .

Your most important keyword placement tool is your Site Title.  It is not linked to your domain name.

Of course it you were the lucky one to get the domain name with your city and the words Real Estate in the domain name, then use it.

For more information check out: Freeing Your Thinking About Domain Names and Site Titles.


REBlogWorld 2010 Take Aways

Why Come To REBlogWorld

For me it is all about the  “Take Aways”.  I want to walk away with more than the feeling of a good time.  I want more than a bag of books and pamphlets from vendors and authors that can’t sell their books so they give them away.

I want more than loud music and night after night of parties in Las Vegas.  (Is he kidding?)

My Take Away List

  1. Meet at least 3 people in real life I only know through Social Media.
  2. Meet at least 5 new people I’ve never met before.
  3. Pick up at least 5 new ideas for content generation on my blog.
  4. Geek out (talk to people that when you mention CSS3 and creating custom div classes their eyes don’t glaze over)
  5. Fill in at least 2 black holes  (a black hole is an area of blogging I know nothing about)  ex.  Using Video Effectively.
  6. Talk with Exhibitors (no kidding, you get to see some real cutting edge stuff in blogging applications)
  7. See how other bloggers not in RE are using blogging in their business.
  8. Pick brains on all kinds of topics  (Droid X, Netbooks, Laptops, etc.)
  9. Come away energized, ready to write, implement new ideas and communicate with new friends I’ve made.
  10. Get as many free T shirts as I can.

That’s my list and I’m getting ready to check off each item on it.

What’s on your list of  “Take Aways” ?


Kicking Off 2010 REBlogWorld

This is really the first post getting ready for the 2010 REBlogWorld Conference.  I don’t need to put the dates here, they are all over the site.

We’ve Moved to Bluehost

Most of you won’t see anything different, other than the site loading faster.  We moved the site a few weeks back and optimized the back-end database.  We were on a slower server on our old hosting (which I won’t mention was GoDaddy).  For those of us that are in the site admin side of things it is much nicer.  No longer are we waiting 10 to 20 seconds after each click to get a response.  Faster, for all of you faster for all of us.

The Links Work 🙂

At least most of them do.  There might be a lurker from 2009 around somewhere, but for the most part I think we have finally gotten what we need from Blog World itself in the way of links to provide information on the conference.

The Geek Behind the Curtain

That would be me Dave Smith of the Real Estate Blog Lab (no I’m not putting the gratuitous link in the post).  I’ve been the resident webmaster for REBlogWorld for the past two years.  I inherited the theme framework that we are currently using 🙁  that should say it all.  Coming next year, a new theme designed (by me) with all the built in functionality of WordPress 3.0.   I know, you probably don’t care, but I don’t get to come out from behind the curtain very often . . .

If there is something you would like to see added or changed to the site, let me know.  The new build will be taking place right after this years conference.

RE Blog Tips

Being the resident geek here, I’m going to be writing some posts on RE Blog Tips to get you ready for the conference.  They will all be sort 100 – 300 words, and I won’t glaze your eyes over with the content.  They will be thought provoking and hopefully provide everyone with something to think about or something you can put into practice right away.

Speakers Posting Soon

The speakers are gearing up for the conference as well.  Expect to see new posts almost daily on the blog.  I’ve added the recent posts section in the right sidebar so you can see if there is anything new.  I know it isn’t real obvious but there is a SUBCRIBE (RSS) link and Subscribe by Email link in the footer under Requests.

More Than Just the Sessions

Many of us on the REBlogWorld Team and Speakers will be there for the entire BlogWorld Expo.  Therefore, don’t think you have to get everything in one day.  I plan on being available for “Brain Picking” sessions.  If anyone has questions or want to learn a little CSS3 or get a site evaluation with suggestions let me know.  I’ll be available to chat.

Now Let’s get rolling.  Hope to see many of you soon at the Mandalay Bay for a great 2010 REBlogWorld Conference.


Are You Ready for REBlogWorld 2010 !

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Are You Ready for REBlogWorld 2010 !


Things To Do After A Conference

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Ricardo Bueno - REBlogworld 2009

A lot goes on after a conference, especially a week/weekend getaway type like REBlogworld & Blogworld! But mostly, you just wanna get home, shower and sit or lay there and decompress. So many people, so little time, lots of knowledge consumed, connections made, follow up to get done! In this post, I wanted to offer you some suggestions for settling back in and making sure you’re following up on everything you got out of the conference…

1. Send out emails & or make follow up calls – personally, I like to connect with folks on LinkedIn first and foremost (it serves as my digital rolodex and I use it frequently tho I also keep business cards; lots of ’em!). Of course we then connect in all of the other usual social media hotspots like: Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, etc. If you really wanna follow up and show ’em you care, nothing says so more than the sound of your voice on the other end of the line.

2. Reminder messages & follow thru – if you connected with someone and promised them something (or visa-versa), send them a follow up email as a reminder detailing what you discussed. This is important because it’s a big conference and lots of discussions were had.

3. Get your media in order – here I’m thinking photos, video and any notes for blog posts. Slap your photos up on Flickr & Facebook then tag ’em and share ’em. Load any photo onto the web (I prefer Youtube & Viddler). Then blog ’em (that’s what I do). Lastly, if you gathered any notes from the event that you wanna compile into a thought, write up a blog post and share it. That’s what I did.

4. Comment on other blogs – nothing is better than following up with all the folks you met than by stopping by to comment and subscribe to their blogs! It’s a great feeling when you get your first comment and it’s an even better feeling when you get it from someone you spent the weekend with at a conference. It basically says you care. The same is true of the comments you leave on their Facebook wall.

That’s all I got for now but I’m sure I’m leaving a few things out. Coming up next is the #140conf where I’ll get to meet my gal @Startabuzz who unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. The wild thing is, I’m sure I”ll be seeing other REBlogworld peeps at Jeff Pulvers 140 Conference as well!

If you have any more tips, please drop ’em below. And cheers to happy conference going!


REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Gahlord Dewald

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Gahlord Dewald

Gahlord Dewald

In this episode of REBlogWorld Radio (12:24), Jason Berman interviews Gahlord Dewald. Gahlord is a frequent speaker on web analytics. He’s the President/Janitor of Thoughtfaucet, a strategic creative services firm based in Burlington Vermont. Gahlord gives us a preview for his upcoming session at REBlogWorld and makes a compelling argument for why real estate professionals building their presence online, should pay attention to web analytics.

This episode concludes the audio & video previews for REBlogWorld 2009. We will return after the event with more interviews from this talented group of speakers.

To get more content check out the REBW Free Video Membership. Selected sessions from 2008 & 2009 will be available in the months ahead, so sign up now. Currently we are highlighting, Kelley Koehler’s 2008 REBlogWorld presentation, “What To Do When Google Doesn’t Love You.”



REBlogworld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Jay Thompson

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Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson

In this episode of REBlogWorld Radio (22:39), Jason Berman interviews Jay Thompson. Jay is the co-owner and Designated Broker of Thompson’s Realty, an independent boutique real estate brokerage serving home buyers, sellers and investors across the Phoenix metro area.

Jay’s blog was recently recognized as the 2009 Most Innovative Blog from Inman. In this podcast we explore the question, “what makes a blog innovative?” Then interview continues as we jump into Jay’s use of blogging and social media with mainstream media including television, radio and print publications. We also touch on why he started a virtual real estate brokerage. The interview wraps up with a discussion around how Jay is currently using LinkedIn. Jay Thompson can be found on Twitter at @PhxREguy

Jay is a panelist for Track 1: Session 1 – Using Social Media for Real Estate.



REBlogworld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Rob Hahn

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Robert Hahn

Robert Hahn

A good thing happened a few months ago. Rob Hahn left the corporate life and went rogue. This was a good thing for the real estate industry. When Rob enters a conversation, the conversation benefits. Rob challenges, Rob questions, Rob wonders.

The timing was a good thing for REBlogWorld as well. At first, I wasn’t sure if Rob would want to bother with a “developing” event. REBlogWorld had little revenue and a limited track record. I needed to pull the Ace card, I pitched Vegas. To my surprise, Rob smiled and readily agreed to take on the challenge.

Developing a conference program is much harder than it appears. Juggling budgets, egos, politics, differing viewpoints, conflicting schedules, & communication breakdowns all make reaching the objective, a challenge.

REBlogWorld Programming Objective:

  • Diversity; both geographic & across all functions within the real estate transaction.
  • Relevance; delivering topics that are applicable, pertinent, and connected to successful outcomes so that attendees will not only compete but win more business in the twelve months ahead.
  • Differentiation; this isn’t a wash, rinse, repeat conference. Fresh perspectives. Technical content. Catering to the swift, not the resistant.

As a result of Rob’s effort, I believe you’ll be impressed with the dialogue, ideas, & exchange of information that flow from the sessions on Thursday. If the planning calls are any indication, we are all in-store for a rich conference experience at REBlogWorld 2009. Thank you Rob Hahn.

Rob Hahn – @robhahn tells why he likes REBarCamp from 100 Interviews on Vimeo.


REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet David Armano

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A holiday is a good day to catch up on email & prepare for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Being that it’s a holiday, you might also find some time to watch a few videos. Might we suggest, “Brand U.0, Critical Mass” by David Armano. David is a panelist on the “Branding in the Social Age” session.

Here’s a bit from his bio.

I am currently building a practice around social business design with Dachis Corp. I have 14 years experience in the creative field with the majority of my time spent in digital marketing and experience design. An active participant in the industry, I write Logic + Emotion which is ranked in the top 10 media + marketing blogs according to Advertising Age.


REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Reggie Nicolay

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Reggie NicolayReggie Nicolay is the Director of Social Media for, and is responsible for providing expertise and direction related to social media strategies, promotion & brand monitoring. Reggie is also the co-author and mastermind behind MyTechOpinion, a fresh and insightful real estate technology blog. Through MTO, he shares cutting-edge products, strategies and interviews for today’s savvy real estate agent looking to distance themselves from competitors.

In this episode of REBlogWorld Radio (21:07), Jason Berman interviews Reggie Nicolay as they discuss Reggie’s install of the automated lifestream blogging software, Sweetcron. Integrating your content into one killer site used to be difficult. However tools like SweetCron & Posterous are changing that. Reggie has been experimenting with this technology over at MyTechOpinion & Posterous and provides some previews about his upcoming session at REBlogWorld 2009. You don’t want to miss it.

Reggie can be found on Twitter @cyberhomes.


Amateur podcaster’s footnote for those playing the home-drinking game, this episode’s keyword is “Interesting”.