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Kelley Koehler, @housechick
“What to do when Google doesn’t love you”
REBlogWorld, September 19th, 2008

This is an excerpt from the REBlogWorld 2008 web site, highlighting Kelley’s session as written by Todd Carpenter.

“I approached a lot of bloggers about speaking at RE BlogWorld. I was not only looking for good speakers, but good topics. Kelley’s topic was completely off my radar, and right on topic. How do you drive traffic to your blog when Google doesn’t love you?

It’s no secret that blogs have been a popular way to gain traffic through Google search results, but how do you kick start your blog traffic while you’re building up results in Google? Or, what do you do if Google suddenly decides to blacklist you for trying a little to hard to gain that search traffic?

Kelley dealt with just such a situation and found respite in an advertising campaign using Google AdWords. It would be nice to say that all it takes is to throw some money at the problem, but there’s more to it than that. Creating a proper web advertising campaign includes creating ads, determining where those ads will point, and measuring results.

Even if Google does love you, web advertising can be a very effective way to drive additional targeted traffic to your blog. This seminar will be all about maximizing return on investment in these campaigns.”