2009 Speaker Sponsors

EcoJoe250EcoJoe is a green alternative to the existing plastic St Joseph statues on the market. (In real estate, St. Joseph statues are used as good luck charms to sell houses. Sellers/agents bury the statues into the yards of the properties and pray for speedy sales.) EcoJoe reduces demands on plastics. If left buried, EcoJoe will not release toxins that can poison our eco-systems and food chains when it degrades, unlike its plastic counterparts.

Mortgage Loan PlaceMortgage Loan Place is a consumer focused mortgage portal that aims to educate buyers on all types of real estate financing. We are constantly creating new tools, guides, and other resources to help consumers on our own site and also help other professionals enhance their own web presence for free.

Recently we held a contest seeking “The World’s Best Mortgage Calculator” and gave away $10,000 to the winning entry. Some of our other popular tools include an FHA Loan Guide that has been downloaded over 40,000 times and a “How much house can I afford?” widget that agents can add to their own site. We encourage you to have a look at our site and feel free to embed any of our resources on your own site!