2008 REBlogWorld Speakers

We’ll have our full list of speakers and seminar agenda set by early June.

At this point, we’re not looking for any more speakers. In fact, we’re going to have to turn down some really good ones as it is. Tune into our our blog for the latest updates.

Currently, the following speakers are set to participate.

  • Dan Green
  • Daniel Rothamel
  • David Gibbons
  • David Smith & Rich Jacobson
  • Dustin Luther
  • Jason Berman – Event Organizer
  • Jeff Turner
  • Jim Duncan
  • Kelley Koehler
  • Mariana Wagner
  • Matt Fagioli
  • Meet our moderators. Jan O’Brien, Kevin Boer, & Pat Kitano
  • Michael Price
  • Mike Mueller
  • Morgan Brown
  • Teresa Boardman
  • Todd Carpenter – Event Organizer

The real estate and mortgage industry’s top new media talent is coming to RE BlogWorld. Not just because REBlogWorld is going to be a great show. They want to learn themselves from the talent present on day’s two and three. No other real estate conference is going to offer you a chance to learn from inside and outside of your industry like REBlogWord will. The top marketer from all of “web 2.0″ are coming to BlogWorld.