Think you’ve got the stuff to speak at REBlogWorld 2010?

Through June 25, 2010, we’ll be accepting submissions for cutting-edge, hard-hitting, mind-blowing presentations. If you’ve got a presentation that kills — something that’s gonna make attendees sit up and take notice — fill out the Speaker Submission Form and return it as soon as possible.

Who’s The Audience?

Real Estate professionals. Bloggers. Social media enthusiasts. All with a thirst for knowledge and high-level technical content. REBlogWorld attendees possess strong online skills and are ravenous for new ideas, for delicious morsels of technical wizardry that could be the secret ingredient to the secret sauce of their blogging and online success. They want the best of the best. REBlogWorld attracts mortgage originators, real estate agents, home stagers, escrow & title agents, and many others that support Real Estate professionals with their online efforts.

What are we looking for?

This year we will be highlighting more sessions on and about blogging (this is REBlogWorld, after all, not TwitterWorld or FacebookWorld). The blog is the central component to most successful agent platforms. REBlogWorld is the thought leader and the leading source for great blogging techniques and technical expertise. Our attendees expect nothing less than world-class blogging instruction and strategy.

This year, presentations will be given preference over panels, we believe presentations offer more opportunity to provide attendees with valuable and immediate take-aways. Our goal is not to cater to the lowest common denominator. We want to educate, inspire, and engage the cream of the crop. We want cutting edge discussion. We want attendees to be buzzing about your session after it’s finished.

What’s The Incentive?

If you are selected for inclusion in the REBlogWorld 2010 program, you will be asked to agree to the BlogWorld & New Media Expo Speaker Guidelines. Upon completion of same, you will receive a full access pass to REBlogWorld & BlogWorld New Media Expo for all three days. This pass ($600 value) will include all events, all sessions, and F&B normally included with this pass. Since we have a limited number of sessions available, we will not be able to accommodate every submission request. There will be no financial compensation for speaking at REBlogWorld 2010. At this time, there is no budget available to reimburse speakers for their travel expenses.

We understand the commitment, time, and expense it takes to present at REBlogWorld. It is our hope that by participating, you will receive a quantifiable ROI for your contribution. We will continue to explore ways that we can increase our value to you as we understand that without fantastic speaker contributions, REBlogWorld wouldn’t be possible. The REBlogWorld speaker alumni are among the finest thought-leaders in the online real estate space. We recognize that our success is directly attributed to their recognized excellence in their respective fields.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you. ~ REBlogWorld Team 2010