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Yesterday brought the launch announcement of the REBW 2008 video archives. Within a few weeks, the entire library will be accessible to all REBlogWorld participants. In order to gain access to this library, you must have attended REBlogWorld ’08. In the near future, we will be making this library available for all registrants of REBlogWorld ’09.

While this is an exciting development, it leaves out many of the folks that were either unable to afford the expense of a destination conference last year or simply unaware of REBlogWorld 2008. Too often great content is restricted for paying customers only. No one wins. The speakers wish to be heard. The conference wishes to be more widely known. The content wishes to find a receptive audience. It’s a big fail.

REBWFREE Memberships Free for Limited Time!

REBWFREE Memberships Free for Limited Time!

For a limited time, we are offering a free introductory level video membership that will enable access to selected content from previous REBlogWorld conference sessions. This is your opportunity to catch a glimpse inside REBlogWorld and learn why we have become a trusted resource for inspiration & information. We will not continue this offer indefinitely, register free today. The first session for this level of membership is available now on the video dashboard.

One of the precepts for REBlogWorld is to offer value to all real estate professionals working toward a stronger online presence. This core principle drives much of what we are striving to accomplish with REBlogWorld. By releasing some of the highlighted sessions from REBlogWorld ’08, to a wider audience, we move one step closer to that commitment. By releasing selected content for free, we create a win/win situation. It helps you learn, it helps our speakers be heard, it helps REBlogWorld be known.

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