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Social Media Clutter

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You see that green button to the right with “TWEET” in it, and the one for f Share.  Sure you see those, right there at the top of this post and every post.


Because they get in the road of a well formatted blog post.  Take for instance, the post I did yesterday on Updating your site.  You can barely read the text on the image, But I can’t make it bigger because of the Social Media buttons.  If I do make it bigger it throws the whole post formatting out of whack.  (Yes whack is a technical CSS3 term)

SM Buttons should never take a priority over your content.

What do I suggest?  Glad you asked.

Right now my favorite colorful solution is Sexybookmarks.

They add color, and more than just a single SM way to share.

  1. It appears after the post content and doesn’t interfere with the post formatting.
  2. And the thing I like best, when I setup the options for sexybookmarks I turn on the do-follow tag.
  3. So my links get followed from where ever anyone shares.

Try sexybookmarks, it is a win/win.

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