REBlogWorld Can Save Your Blog & You

Why do I say this? Because in the last week I’ve been on the admin panel of half a dozen blogs. While in there fixing something or adding a plugin I’ve discovered a multitude of things that can literally kill an RE Blog.

Eye Candy vs Code

Dead weeds

Don't spray Roundup instead of fertilizer

It seems that many of the RE Bloggers have an aversion to READING, especially if it is reading of instructions or HOW TO do something.

Many seem to prefer to start clicking, typing and previewing to see if it “Looks” right.Just because you can make something “Look” right doesn’t mean it “Is Right”.

Here are a few of the things I ran into this week.  (There are a lot more)


These things have been around since the dark ages of the web.  And I’m still finding them all over the RE Blogosphere.  Especially when it comes to annoying things like Facebook widgets.    But even worse when they appear in a post or page because it is the only way the blogger could figure out how to get the content on their page.  Well it isn’t really on your page if it is Iframed into the site.  And they can really slow down the load time on your blog.


Just because you can upload a video to your media library and get it to play on your blog doesn’t mean you should do it.  And if you do and then have 3 blog posts in a row with self-hosted video you can watch you site load time come to a crawl that even a turtle could beat.  Not to mention the load you are putting on your hosting bandwidth.  Upload those videos to YouTube, Viddler, etc.  and embed them on your blog.

Reverse SEO

It doesn’t matter what SEO plugin in used.  All-in-One-SEO, Headspace, Tags in the Head, etc.  If you don’t know what you are doing you can really screw up your site in the search engine organic searches.  This past week I saw Headspace configured so it was writing the exact same title tag for every page and post on a blog.  No wonder the search traffic dropped like a rock.

At the same time I saw All in One SEO used to over-write blog post title tags.  The issue?  The post title was great for SEO, the re-written title wasn’t.  The author tried to turn the title into a category tag with post title in the manual re-write and missed the Best SEO title tag for a mediocre title tag.  If you don’t know how to fix it, don’t fix it.  Especially if it isn’t broken.

Using the Blockquote tag is for . . .  Block quotes.  Don’t use it like some kind of magic way to indent text.

Post Tags

Using post tags can really help add “hooks in the water” for search engines.  I recommend you put 4 keyword rich tags on each post.  But putting 20 to 30 tags on a post is really spammy.


Most posts should be in ONE primary category.  There are few posts that need to be in more than one category.  Ex.  You write a post about Water Harvesting.  If you have a category for “Your City Water” and one on “Xeroscaping”  You might want ot post it in both categories.  But usually one is the best.  No you won’t get hit with a duplicate content penalty for having a post in Two categories.

This week I saw a post in 25 categories.  TWENTY FIVE.

Typos in the Titles

I have occasionally used a typo in a permalink for SEO purposes.  But not in the title tag.  Things like:

  • Blog writennt by
  • What to do Durring Fall wather
  • etc.

A few typos are normal, I’m sure there are several in this post.  Do I proof read?  Kinda, I look for the squiggly red lines under the words.  Does that count?  But really check those title tags and header tags.  Yes, h3 tags are your friend, do you know how to use them?

NAR and MLS Violations

  1. Don’t use MLS in your links or title in any way that is a rules violation for your local MLS.  You don’t want to draw attention to yourself in this way.
  2. Don’t put the word REALTOR anywhere in a title tag or domain name other than after your name.  Cincinnati Realtor is a huge violation and again attracting that kind of attention to your blog by NAR isn’t what you want.
  3. Best Seattle Neighborhoods.  Best, is best not used unless you want to be hit with a Fair Housing Violation for Steering.  And attracting the Feds is even worse than NAR (though some might argue the point.)
  4. Not Clearly identifying your Brokerage (Above the Fold and Prominent)  Don’ t know what above the fold is?

(the violations mentioned are no longer so don’t waste time looking for them unless on your own site.  The cities mentioned random and coincidental if actual)  (CYA)

That’s enough.  This post is almost a session in itself.  There are more, many more things that can ruin or kill your site in search engines.  THE ALL POWERFUL GOOGLE is one thing you don’t want to screw with, at all.

When you come to REBlogWorld you get to ask question and learn from some of the best.  Take advantage of all the knowledge available at the conference and ask questions.  This will be my third REBlogWorld conference.  I get to “shoot fish in a barrel” so to speak.  A weath of knowledge in a single location.

Now go check your site.  And it isn’t too late to make your reservation.  Remember the old Fram commercial?  “You can pay me now or pay me later”

I’d rather pay to be in Las Vegas; than to have to hire someone to Fix what I screwed up because I didn’t know what I was doing.

1 Comment to “REBlogWorld Can Save Your Blog & You”

  • Marc Brodeur October 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Great blog post. I don’t think anyone wants the NAR or the Feds after them. The “one category” tip was something I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for sharing!