Finding Three Golden Nuggets: Uncovering Value at REBlogWorld ’09

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REBW'09 Gold NuggetsMake time to work ON your business.
It’s a sacrifice to attend a destination conference. One imagery trick that always seems to get my mindset right before a conference is to imagine three gold nuggets sitting side-by-side in a box. Each one is covered and hidden from my mind’s-eye. The task is to uncover the nuggets during the conference experience. When I focus on this, I tend to listen more, talk less.

The nuggets could be new meaningful contacts. They also might be new tools that streamline work-flow or extend your brand. By seeking the gold, each conference becomes an incredible opportunity to observe, engage, learn, & grow.

It’s true that staying home, voraciously reading and tweeting can sustain growth and stimulate change in your business, but attending a gathering of industry peers, all sharing a common passion and enthusiasm for their careers, remains the most effective way to go deep. It’s these offline gatherings that will quicken your pace in the ever-changing game of online Real Estate. It’s the secret sauce. It rejuvenates the spirit. It helps you realize where you are succeeding and where you are falling short.

Golden Nuggets abound in Las Vegas.
We’ve been working hard at REBW HQ to bring you a lineup that challenges and inspires growth. As small business owners, we all have areas that need attention. Learning how to tether all your social networks into one primary blog, digging deeper into Blog UI & Design, and understanding how to generate & interpret the numbers behind your online traffic are just some of the areas we will explore.

All of us at REBlogWorld ’09 are working hard to deliver the best experience we can October 15th, 2009, so you may discover YOUR next three golden nuggets. Stay tuned this week for more speaker announcements and session details.

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