REBlogWorld 2010 Take Aways

Why Come To REBlogWorld

For me it is all about the  “Take Aways”.  I want to walk away with more than the feeling of a good time.  I want more than a bag of books and pamphlets from vendors and authors that can’t sell their books so they give them away.

I want more than loud music and night after night of parties in Las Vegas.  (Is he kidding?)

My Take Away List

  1. Meet at least 3 people in real life I only know through Social Media.
  2. Meet at least 5 new people I’ve never met before.
  3. Pick up at least 5 new ideas for content generation on my blog.
  4. Geek out (talk to people that when you mention CSS3 and creating custom div classes their eyes don’t glaze over)
  5. Fill in at least 2 black holes  (a black hole is an area of blogging I know nothing about)  ex.  Using Video Effectively.
  6. Talk with Exhibitors (no kidding, you get to see some real cutting edge stuff in blogging applications)
  7. See how other bloggers not in RE are using blogging in their business.
  8. Pick brains on all kinds of topics  (Droid X, Netbooks, Laptops, etc.)
  9. Come away energized, ready to write, implement new ideas and communicate with new friends I’ve made.
  10. Get as many free T shirts as I can.

That’s my list and I’m getting ready to check off each item on it.

What’s on your list of  “Take Aways” ?

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