Kicking Off 2010 REBlogWorld

This is really the first post getting ready for the 2010 REBlogWorld Conference.  I don’t need to put the dates here, they are all over the site.

We’ve Moved to Bluehost

Most of you won’t see anything different, other than the site loading faster.  We moved the site a few weeks back and optimized the back-end database.  We were on a slower server on our old hosting (which I won’t mention was GoDaddy).  For those of us that are in the site admin side of things it is much nicer.  No longer are we waiting 10 to 20 seconds after each click to get a response.  Faster, for all of you faster for all of us.

The Links Work 🙂

At least most of them do.  There might be a lurker from 2009 around somewhere, but for the most part I think we have finally gotten what we need from Blog World itself in the way of links to provide information on the conference.

The Geek Behind the Curtain

That would be me Dave Smith of the Real Estate Blog Lab (no I’m not putting the gratuitous link in the post).  I’ve been the resident webmaster for REBlogWorld for the past two years.  I inherited the theme framework that we are currently using 🙁  that should say it all.  Coming next year, a new theme designed (by me) with all the built in functionality of WordPress 3.0.   I know, you probably don’t care, but I don’t get to come out from behind the curtain very often . . .

If there is something you would like to see added or changed to the site, let me know.  The new build will be taking place right after this years conference.

RE Blog Tips

Being the resident geek here, I’m going to be writing some posts on RE Blog Tips to get you ready for the conference.  They will all be sort 100 – 300 words, and I won’t glaze your eyes over with the content.  They will be thought provoking and hopefully provide everyone with something to think about or something you can put into practice right away.

Speakers Posting Soon

The speakers are gearing up for the conference as well.  Expect to see new posts almost daily on the blog.  I’ve added the recent posts section in the right sidebar so you can see if there is anything new.  I know it isn’t real obvious but there is a SUBCRIBE (RSS) link and Subscribe by Email link in the footer under Requests.

More Than Just the Sessions

Many of us on the REBlogWorld Team and Speakers will be there for the entire BlogWorld Expo.  Therefore, don’t think you have to get everything in one day.  I plan on being available for “Brain Picking” sessions.  If anyone has questions or want to learn a little CSS3 or get a site evaluation with suggestions let me know.  I’ll be available to chat.

Now Let’s get rolling.  Hope to see many of you soon at the Mandalay Bay for a great 2010 REBlogWorld Conference.

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