When it Comes To Search Engine Placement

There really is only one page in search engine placement – PAGE 1

We talk about the SERPs and what page we are on for certain search terms.  But we all know there is really only one page and that is PAGE 1.

To refine it even further, Page 1 top 5 listings.  (Above the fold)  That’s where most people click to get their search results.

The Reality of Page One

It is very, very, hard to rank for main keyword searches in Real Estate.  Therefore, what should we do?

  1. First, face the realty.
  2. Second, got over it.
  3. Third, move on.

Can you do this?  Honestly, most don’t.  Most keep trying and trying and trying.  Few ever succeed and if they do make it for a while the All Seeing Eye of Google will change the algo and you will disappear once again banished from Page 1.  So you fight some more, build back-links.  Write keyword rich posts going after than one search result.

Forget The Highlander

There can be only One.  Well in a way that is true, but there is more than one, One.

Some call it the Long Tail Search.   Meaning.  Go after a bunch of vertical markets you work and not just the main search term itself.

It is much easier to get a top page 1 organic ranking for sub-divisions, surrounding communities and areas.

What demographic is key to your area?  Seniors?  Gated Communities? Golf?  Target these searches.

Types of construction in your area are another way to rank high and increase traffic.

Find those strategic keywords and go after them.  They will bring you traffic.

Broaden your thinking about your community and the area you serve.  Think about the types of people who come to your area, the events that draw them, the reasons people want to move where you serve.  Target these searches and garner high search engine placement.

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