REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Gahlord Dewald

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Gahlord Dewald

Gahlord Dewald

In this episode of REBlogWorld Radio (12:24), Jason Berman interviews Gahlord Dewald. Gahlord is a frequent speaker on web analytics. He’s the President/Janitor of Thoughtfaucet, a strategic creative services firm based in Burlington Vermont. Gahlord gives us a preview for his upcoming session at REBlogWorld and makes a compelling argument for why real estate professionals building their presence online, should pay attention to web analytics.

This episode concludes the audio & video previews for REBlogWorld 2009. We will return after the event with more interviews from this talented group of speakers.

To get more content check out the REBW Free Video Membership. Selected sessions from 2008 & 2009 will be available in the months ahead, so sign up now. Currently we are highlighting, Kelley Koehler’s 2008 REBlogWorld presentation, “What To Do When Google Doesn’t Love You.”


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