REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Jeff Turner

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Seems funny to write that particular post title. If you don’t know Jeff Turner, it’s likely you aren’t coming to REBlogWorld. So instead of adding to the litany of gushes and virtual back-slaps that already exist across the ether about this gentleman, I’ll point to his most recent discussion from Inman Connect in August. Seeing is believing.

Go get a cup of coffee, open a notepad, and invest 15 minutes of your day to watch “8 Ideas To Help You Leverage Social Media” with Jeff Turner. Good stuff.

2 Comments to “REBlogWorld 2009 Speaker Spotlight: Meet Jeff Turner”

  • Justin October 9, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Ok, I have to be honest.

    I like Jeff.

    He is smart, strategic, relaxed, confident, connected, whatever.

    But if you wanna know the best part about Jeff?

    Start talking about Rocky.

  • Sam Basel October 9, 2009 at 8:33 am

    Let the learning begin! Thanks for posting this video: somehow I missed it after the Inman Conference in August. The best line in this quick talk is “None of these tools are magic….but you may find magic ways to use them.”

    This is something the majority of people who are flocking to social media as the next “big thing” are missing completely.

    I’m looking forward to more great “Aha!” ideas next week!