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Dead Battery 4 Days to Go Yikes!

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The counter on the home pages says there are just 4 days to go till REBlogWorld.  I’m making final preparations for my part of the presentation Kelley (Housechick) Koehler and I are doing on the Geekier side of blogging.

This morning I open my Dell Laptop and it is dead.  I plug it in and the battery indicator light is flashing orange and if I could hear it I think it is saying something like “Danger Will Robinson” or “Hehehe your scre. . .ed”

Oh yeah, no battery on  a laptop.  Plug gets pulled and instant shut-off.

For months now I’ve been watching the reviews come in on Amazon for the Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-5951 15.6-Inch laptop.

Thin, light, up to 8 hrs. battery life.  All the things I want in a laptop for REBlogWorld.  But my steady trusty Latitude D620 has seen me through 2 previous REBlogWorld conferences so I figured it would see me through this one and I’d check my enthusiasm for this newer lighter longer lasting (did I mention bigger screen and full size keyboard with numberic keypad).

Why Don’t you Get  a Mac?

I know someone is thinking this.  Two reasons,

  1. I don’t have that kind of money
  2. I’m not smart enough to use one.  (Where is the backspace key, What do you mean there isn’t one?)

So the Mac issue is a non-starter.

So Im guessing it will be a quick order for a new battery and the Dell and I will once again make the trip to Vegas this year.  Not a good idea to try and break in a new laptop, new operating system (Windows 7) and load all your software on a machine you get just 24 hrs. before an event.

Are You Ready For REBlogWorld

Don’t forget to bring those things along (tech toys and tools) that you want to make this conference special.  Pack those chargers, extra batteries, camera etc. so you have what you need to take those notes, make those memories, and if you must make those facebook postings.

Now I guess I better find that battery replacement and get it ordered.


(UPDATE:  Monday morning my new battery arrived from Amazon via FedX)  No holiday on Monday for “Business”.


Learn A lot – Save Some Cash

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Without a doubt, the list of speakers and the quality of material at REBlogWorld is going to be insane. We know that everyone understands the education will be great, but not everyone knows how reasonable a trip to Vegas can be right now. With great air fares and hotel discounts, we are seeing people take advantage of some really great deals from many sources.

To save even more cash, you may want to share the expense of a room with another attendee. While we don’t currently have a way to connect people interested in rooming with someone, you are welcome to leave a comment or contact one of us directly to see how we can help. Last year, I shared a room with the world famous, Mike Mueller. Mike and I saved a few bucks and I learned some cool things about blogs and social media from Mr. “Are We connected.”

With days crammed full of learning and nights filled with parties networking opportunities, the play land that is Las Vegas has choices for everyone. If you are looking to save a few bucks on a room, I suggest leaving a comment here or throwing out the question on Twitter and using the hash tag of #reblogworld. We’ll try to keep our eyes and ears open for you.


Finding Three Golden Nuggets: Uncovering Value at REBlogWorld ’09

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REBW'09 Gold NuggetsMake time to work ON your business.
It’s a sacrifice to attend a destination conference. One imagery trick that always seems to get my mindset right before a conference is to imagine three gold nuggets sitting side-by-side in a box. Each one is covered and hidden from my mind’s-eye. The task is to uncover the nuggets during the conference experience. When I focus on this, I tend to listen more, talk less.

The nuggets could be new meaningful contacts. They also might be new tools that streamline work-flow or extend your brand. By seeking the gold, each conference becomes an incredible opportunity to observe, engage, learn, & grow.

It’s true that staying home, voraciously reading and tweeting can sustain growth and stimulate change in your business, but attending a gathering of industry peers, all sharing a common passion and enthusiasm for their careers, remains the most effective way to go deep. It’s these offline gatherings that will quicken your pace in the ever-changing game of online Real Estate. It’s the secret sauce. It rejuvenates the spirit. It helps you realize where you are succeeding and where you are falling short.

Golden Nuggets abound in Las Vegas.
We’ve been working hard at REBW HQ to bring you a lineup that challenges and inspires growth. As small business owners, we all have areas that need attention. Learning how to tether all your social networks into one primary blog, digging deeper into Blog UI & Design, and understanding how to generate & interpret the numbers behind your online traffic are just some of the areas we will explore.

All of us at REBlogWorld ’09 are working hard to deliver the best experience we can October 15th, 2009, so you may discover YOUR next three golden nuggets. Stay tuned this week for more speaker announcements and session details.