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REBlogWorld Announces Launch of 2008 Video Archive

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A little over a year has passed since the inaugural REBlogWorld. One of the contributions to that first event was a collection of raw video footage from each REBW08 presentation, produced by TurnHere.

Initially, we had hoped to distribute these sessions via DVD. However, as we began investigating, costs and environmental concerns made this option less attractive. The ideal solution was a membership component embedded within the existing REBlogWorld web site. This would allow membership only access for 2008 participants to access their respective conference archives and provide us flexibility as we add new content to the archives from future REBlogWorld events.

REBlogWorld is pleased to announce the launch of the 2008 Video Archive. Our first presentation, Kelley Koehler’s “What to do when Google doesn’t love you”, has been uploaded and is available to all participants from the 2008 REBlogWorld Conference. This content has not been previously released.

We hope that you will be able to utilize this valuable content to continue building your online presence. We will continue to release new sessions as they become available. The second video should be up before the end of the week.

If you participated in REBlogWorld 2008, two emails have been sent to your inbox with login & password information. No need to register, if you wish to unsubscribe, simply click the link from your email announcement.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the sessions and look forward to seeing you again on October 15th in Las Vegas for REBlogworld 2009.


REBlogworld Conference ROI

I’m going to REBlogWorld better prepared than last year. When I went to REBlogWorld last year I had never been to any real kind of conference; at least not in the last 20 years. I didn’t know what to expect. I sat next to people that were speaking at the conference and I recognized a few faces from the But not many. I met a few people for the first time IRL and above all, I learned a lot.

I got a chance to roam the streets of Las Vegas with two photo shutterbugs the infamous T from St. Paul and KK from Denver. We took a lot of photos of all the buildings lit up at night. I didn’t attend any parties. But I’m thinking about it this year.

What You Don’t Like Parties?

I’ve never attended many parties. Parties tend to be rather loud places (Ah, Yeah, that’s what makes them parties). I have a hearing disability caused by a virus many years ago. Now I wear dual hearing aids and places with a lot of noise mean I can’t hear hardly a thing being said. I end up nodding, smiling and kinda laughing, but almost never hearing what is being said.

But I digress.

This year, is different from last. I’ve attended 1 podcamp and 2 re barcamps since REBlogWorld last year. I’ve met a lot more people in the process and learned a lot more about getting the most out of a conference.

Believe it or not, a little prep work can really reap you a lot more ROI for your conference experience.

Measuring Conference ROI

Trust Agents and Whuffie

Trust Agents and Whuffie

These things aren’t cheap.  Travel, Time, Tuition (hey at least I found a T for what it cost to get a ticket to the event) add up.  I want to get the most for the dollars spent.

Some measure ROI by how many parties they can attend and how much free alcohol they can ingest.  (Shirley you jest).

Some measure ROI by how many Twitter followers they can pick up during the conference and consider it a great conference if they can pick up 30 or 40 followers.

Some measure ROI by who they got to meet and talk to in person.

It all depends on why you are attending REBlogWorld and what your expectations are for the conference.  There is no Right or Wrong Conference ROI, Prudent, maybe.

Prepping for the Conference

  1. Read the Speaker Bios
  2. Make a list of things in blogging and social media you need to learn about
  3. Then Plan your sessions early (like now would be good) to maximize filling those voids
  4. Buy (or check out) a couple of books by speakers coming to BlogWorld (ex. Trust Agent)
  5. Come rested and stay that way.  (LOL, Okay, at least take vitamins while you are at the conference)

WOW! Did I sound like your mom on that last one?  Didn’t mean too.  But sleeping through sessions isn’t the best game plan for attending a conference unless the conference ROI isn’t involved in your game plan.

Right now I’m finishing up The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt who will be speaking at the NAR Convention in San Diego.  I’ve already got Chris Brogen’s book Trust Agents which dovetails nicely with Tara’s book on Whuffie.


REBlogWorld Email Inbox: Can I upgrade my Registration?

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I received a question from an attendee registered for REBlogWorld, October 15th, 2009 (Day 1 only).

“I am registered for the one day REblogworld program. I am curious if much “real estate” related content will be covered over day #2 and #3. I live in Vegas and am thinking of upgrading for day #2 and #3. Cost to upgrade? talk me into coming to Day #2 and day #3?”

Great question and probably something others are wondering, so here’s the answer.

“There isn’t any ‘real estate’ specific content on days 2 or 3 but the content on Days 2 & 3 are filled with information and ideas that could be applied to the real estate profession. There are dozens of sessions on blogging, video, audio, content creation, etc. Follow both BlogWorld & REBlogWorld on Twitter for the latest information on these sessions.

There will be more information about these panels coming out over the next few days but I would encourage you to look at the topics and speakers here: 2009 BlogWorld Conference Schedule | Attendee Info

Option Two: Currently at $495 until midnight tonight, in addition to your current registration you would receive the other two days of the BlogWorld conference, all keynotes, the expo, parties, & lunch on Thursday.

We don’t have a process to upgrade your registration but I suspect we can do it. If you decide you want to do that, please let me know and we will work on it asap.”


Is a Social Networking Conference Social Enough to Share a Room?

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Cirque du Soleil Offer on Twitter

Cirque du Soleil Offer on Twitter

REBlogWorld is using a variety of social networks to spread the news about the upcoming conference on October 15-17, 2009. Our communities building around FaceBook & Twitter are growing beyond initial expectations.

If you are registered for REBlogWorld & BlogWorld New Media Expo, you are in for an exciting, jam-packed immersive experience. The community that attends BlogWorld is creative, entrepreneurial, & innovative. They embrace change. They challenge status quo.

If you are registered for REBlogWorld & BlogWorld New Media Expo get involved with the dialogue on FaceBook.  There are others looking to connect, to share ideas, to chase their passion. Engage, connect, find the community.

Free passes, Say What? Free?! Are you kidding?!

Did you see the unbelievable offer yesterday on Twitter from Jessica Berlin (@jessberlin), Social Media Manager at Cirque du Soleil? If you are registered for BlogWorld (Option 2/3), act quickly and take advantage of free tickets to one of the following Cirque shows: Mystère, Zumanity, KÀ, The Beatles LOVE or Criss Angel’s Believe.

Follow the instructions at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo web site.

CarPooling/Hotel Roommates: We are listening.

There may be potential attendees willing to share a ride or a hotel room to lower expenses. We hope this post helps this idea take root. Folks on a budget & looking to attend REBlogWorld, can share resources.

If you are the social sort, please speak up and leave a comment after this post with a Twitter ID & any other information you feel comfortable posting. Let’s see where it goes, there may be some people on the fence and this just might make the difference for them to make REBlogWorld happen. The more the merrier……in Vegas.


Don’t Read My Blog…

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I’m on the panel at REBlogWorld that is going to talk about hyperlocal blogging.  I certainly have a lot of thoughts to share, since my blog is the center of all of my marketing efforts, online and offline.   So the first thing I’m going to tell you: don’t read my blog! It really will bore you… it’s all about the county I live in and the things that are happening there. Plus I throw in some real estate market information and observations too.  I’m guessing that doesn’t appeal to you…which is perfectly okay, because you’re not my audience!

I’m not worried that you are going to steal my content, or copy my writing style, I’m just telling you that you aren’t who I’m writing for. Writing hyperlocally is all about knowing your audience and knowing your area. I’m not trying to reach real estate industry types with my blog, I’m trying to reach LoCo (Loudoun County, Virginia) residents, and people who are thinking about moving there (or at least want information about the area). It seems to be working, too, as about 75 percent of my business comes from my online efforts.

I’m sure you know I’m joking, feel free read my blog to learn the types of things I write about…but please come to RE BlogWorld so that we can give you a roadmap of how and why hyperlocal blogging works for generating real estate business. I’ll be on the panel with Dave Smith, who does the same kind of writing in a completely different area of the country (Tucson, AZ) , Brian Timpone of Blockshopper, and Tracy Schmidt of the Chicago Tribune. The moderator is Allie Herzog, a digital media and public relations strategist.  Hope to see you there, too!


Breaking the Rules of Thumb

Don’t Use An Event Site as an Example

Here is one of the reasons you want to come to REBlogWorld.  To find out about the basic “Rules of Thumb” when it comes to RE Blogging and SEO. (I know, I hate the term SEO almost as much as Social Media).

Right up front I’ll tell you this is the kind of post I would normally write up at The Real Estate Blog Lab. (Gratuitous Plug since I don’t have this content at the Lab) I decided to post it here as a part of the blog and not as a critique of the blog itself.

There are multiple authors here and different styles of writing and posting.  I can always tell when someone is new to using graphics in a post.  It usually ends up looking like a very generic blog with no text wrapped around an image; No captions or pretty borders either. That functionality is built into this theme’s CSS Styling, I know I added it.  But even with that functionality there is a protocol to follow when adding an image for text wrapping in a post.

Excerpts blank

Rock Man Take Mud Bath before REBlogWorld

Rock Man Take Mud Bath before REBlogWorld

Don’t leave your excerpt blank.  Help out the big Google Guy.  Fill in those excerpt and don’t leave to chance what will be displayed in the search results.  It doesn’t have to be the first sentence, pick something important or catchy, but don’t leave it blank.  (We do that here).

Tags are Important

When you first start blogging, you don’t have a lot of posts.  Not a lot of content to be indexed in Google and not easily found on the sea of the Googlie Bloggolie.  So you install the All-In-One SEO Plugin and you check to have your tags indexed.  Then be sure to put 3 or 4 tags on each post.  Those tags are extra ways your post can be indexed in Google.  I can’t tell you how much traffic I’ve brought to my site with Post tags. (Once you get a 1000 post under your belt you won’t need the tags indexed, but in the beginning they can be a life saver)

Most authors here don’t bother with tags.  We don’t need search engine traffic, and we don’t need a pretty tag cloud in the sidebar.  But You Need Tags on your posts.

Definition of Protocol: WP will kill you if you don’t do it in a certain order.

  • Write your content
  • Put the mouse where you want you image
  • Use the Media Button and Upload your image
  • Add Your Caption Text
  • -Tricky part here- Select “None” for placement
  • Size – Usually medium or Thumb unless you want to fill the top of the post
  • Update Post
  • NOW click on the image and select Right or Left Justify
  • The text will wrap right around the image.

If you say right or left from the import screen the text won’t wrap.  It is the difference in the tags used from each location.

Don't be alone in the desert come to REBlogWorld

Don't be alone in the desert come to REBlogWorld

Why you want your text to wrap when we don’t care.  You want your readers to get as much information above the fold as possible, if they have to scroll down they might miss something important.  But when readers come here, they are going to scroll down.  They are already motivated to read the content.  The readers here are highly interested in REBlogWorld.  The reader here is much different in motivation than the typical RE Blog reader.  You want to keep them reading so put the image and text side by side and let them see the image and follow the text.

Multiple Categories

Here is a place where we can break the Rules of Thumb and get away with it.  For all of us local bloggers, we should only put a post in a single category.  Or be sure you don’t let your categories be indexed by Google.  At least if they are indexed you should have the theme set up to only display the_excerpt and not the_post.

All that makes sense right?  Do this the wrong way and you have duplicate content on site.  Not a huge issue, but it is a tiny red flag that you don’t want to wave in front of the all mighty Google.

Why do we do it here?  Because it doesn’t matter.  This blog isn’t about getting found on the search engines.  It is about a specific event.  You come looking for REBLOGWORLD when you come here.  RE Bloggers link to this site like ugly clinging to an ape.  ( I know there are better examples ).  Look at the PR on this site.  Home Page PR 5  The Blog Page PR 4.  We don’t have to follow any of the basic rules of SEO here.  We are an event site that people (RE Bloggers) link to automatically.

We have Badges

I want a Winkleman, AZ Badge

I want a Winkleman, AZ Badge

If you aren’t the curious type who scrolls all the way to the bottom and clicks on every word you might miss that we have badges for your blog.  Tiny words ” web badges” at the bottom, go look, but come back.  Or click here ” WEB BADGES”  You know why you don’t put the link on “click here” because that is the anchor text and you want it to be keywords not “click here“.  Do we do it, Yep.  But you shouldn’t.

Back to Badges.  When a blogger puts any of these badges in their sidebar this site gets a link back.  If you have 100 posts on your site indexed we get 100 links back, if you have 500 posts, you got it 500 links back.  Any wonder we have PR for the home page.

Do you have badges?  Probably not and if you did who would put them on “their blog” to say “I Read The Winkleman, AZ Real Estate Blog”.

But we are an event site.  We can bend or break the Rules of Thumb for a typical RE Blog.

You will learn about this and much more at REBlogWorld in Las Vegas Oct. 15-17.  (Now I’ll go back and add a couple nice graphic to keep your eyes entertained while your brain reads the words.  Looking forward to see you at REBlogWorld.

If you read this far “If you click on the pictures they grow big”.


Learn A lot – Save Some Cash

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Without a doubt, the list of speakers and the quality of material at REBlogWorld is going to be insane. We know that everyone understands the education will be great, but not everyone knows how reasonable a trip to Vegas can be right now. With great air fares and hotel discounts, we are seeing people take advantage of some really great deals from many sources.

To save even more cash, you may want to share the expense of a room with another attendee. While we don’t currently have a way to connect people interested in rooming with someone, you are welcome to leave a comment or contact one of us directly to see how we can help. Last year, I shared a room with the world famous, Mike Mueller. Mike and I saved a few bucks and I learned some cool things about blogs and social media from Mr. “Are We connected.”

With days crammed full of learning and nights filled with parties networking opportunities, the play land that is Las Vegas has choices for everyone. If you are looking to save a few bucks on a room, I suggest leaving a comment here or throwing out the question on Twitter and using the hash tag of #reblogworld. We’ll try to keep our eyes and ears open for you.


Hyperlocal Blogging – Community Branding

REBlogWorld is going to be amazing this year.  Now I hear Word Camp is being embedded into BlogWorld has well.  This is going to be one power house event.

The little part I’m there to help with is Hyperlocal Blogging.  It is by far the easiest type of Real Estate blog.  It is easiest because it is about the local community and what is going on there.  You have a steady and constant source of material.

Community Branding

4th Ave Trolley Tucson

4th Ave Trolley Tucson

What is your community branding?  Determine that and then play to it.  For example:

I live and work in Tucson.  Tucson is not known for it’s water sports.  No lake, no rivers (with water in them) fishing is almost non-existent.  So a post on Water Skiing in Tucson . . .

We have Mountains, Trails, hiking, lots of biking, great weather except in summer, desert, lots of areas to explore, the national astronomical observatory at Kitt Peak and more.  We have winter visitors because of our warm winters many people come to Tucson in the winter.

These are the thing the Tucson chamber of commerce  uses to brands our community advertising.  So it make sense I would want to blog about these things which make our community attractive for relocation.  There are a lot of second homes buyers in Tucson.  It is a market we focus on in our hyperlocal blogging.

Be A Voice In Your Community

You might be amazed at how easy it is to quickly become a resource for information about your community.  Many local events are poorly advertised on the web and almost impossible to find in search engines.  Blog about a local event and give the quick who, what, when, where, why and how.  Do it in words not pictures.

What I mean by this:  So many organization and event organizers put all the important information about an event in an eye candy graphic.  They look beautiful on screen but search engines can’t read words in a graphic.  Put the information in words and you will be amazed how quickly you can outrank the event itself when people search.

Hyperlocal isn’t only about local statistics on the real estate market, it is about your community.

This and a lot more will be covered at REBlogWorld.

More Than Time Permits

There is way more to talk about hyperlocal blogging than time will permit at the session so some of us are going to be holding impromptu sessions to answer question and go into more detail on how to put together and sustain a hyperlocal blog.

Check out a post I wrote earlier this year Loosen Up, Look Around, Sell Your Town

I look forward to meeting a lot of new bloggers at REBlogWorld and hopefully some new hyperlocal bloggers as well.


Real Estate Tomato Contest: Win a free pass to REBlogWorld

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Yesterday ReBlogWorld & The Real Estate Tomato did a one hour podcast about REBlogWorld & BlogWorld New Media Expo. In case you missed the show you may listen to the podcast here.

During the show we announced a contest to win two free passes to REBlogWorld. This is a 1 day pass for the REBlogWorld Conference ($300 value) on October 15th, 2009.

Here are the rules:

  • Write up a post about why you deserve to win the ticket to REBlogWorld. We will be judging the post based on creativity & entertainment value.
  • The post must be 300 words exactly (One word = $1)
  • Link to the REBlogWorld Home Page
  • Link to the RETomato Home Page
  • Tweet about your post at least once with the hashtag #reblogworld. This way we will know your entry exists.

    The deadline for the contest is September 14th, 2009 at 6:00pm PDT. We will select the two best posts and announce the winners that evening.

    Good luck and Blog on!