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Social Media Clutter

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You see that green button to the right with “TWEET” in it, and the one for f Share.  Sure you see those, right there at the top of this post and every post.


Because they get in the road of a well formatted blog post.  Take for instance, the post I did yesterday on Updating your site.  You can barely read the text on the image, But I can’t make it bigger because of the Social Media buttons.  If I do make it bigger it throws the whole post formatting out of whack.  (Yes whack is a technical CSS3 term)

SM Buttons should never take a priority over your content.

What do I suggest?  Glad you asked.

Right now my favorite colorful solution is Sexybookmarks.

They add color, and more than just a single SM way to share.

  1. It appears after the post content and doesn’t interfere with the post formatting.
  2. And the thing I like best, when I setup the options for sexybookmarks I turn on the do-follow tag.
  3. So my links get followed from where ever anyone shares.

Try sexybookmarks, it is a win/win.


Does Your Site need “Updating”?

The Latest News from Lake WobegoneWe all have had sellers that we had to kindly tell them to put away the clutter and tidy up the house so it doesn’t look so . . .

The same is true for your Real Estate website.  It doesn’t matter if it is on a blog platform or static html.  If the latest “stuff” you have showing on your site is a couple of years old on a page it is time to:

  1. Update the content on the page.
  2. Or take it down.

Nothing speaks louder to potential clients than coming to your site, clicking on the “Current Newletters” button and finding nothing new added since 2008.

Take a look at every page and report on your site.  Is there out of date content clutter?

Exciting Things to Learn at REBlogWorld

You are going to learn how to put a new coat of paint on the outside of your site (Our Session on CSS and Tweaking your site)

You are going to learn even more on content, blogging, structure, trends, etc.

You are going to head home all fired up to get it all going.  But wait!

You don’t just paint a house inside or out without some prep work.

Now is the time to do some updating of your site content; then when you get home, or back to your room, you are ready to start applying the new paint inside and out.

Don’t Wait! Update! (Yeah, I;ve always wanted to say that)


Backing Up Your Blog – An Essential Plugin

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There are two kinds of people in the world – those who have had a hard drive failure, and those who will.

Let’s face it, backing up is a boring task. Often ignored until too late, it’s easy to delay figuring out a system to makes it happen simply and automatically. Naturally, this extends to all areas of computing including the blog. However, not backing up the content on your website is asking for trouble down the road. Backing up your stuff is a good habit to develop.

There are plugins for WordPress that can handle this task and make your life easier. Some plugins add value by aesthetically enhancing your site, others add functionality. But none are more important than the behind-the-scenes backup plugin.

We strongly recommend installing WordPress Database Backup on your blog. Thanks to WordPress’s built-in cron, this popular plugin allows users to schedule automatic database backups. The plugin creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database.

Here’s the really nice feature of this plugin. Once you install it you can set it up to send you an email daily or weekly with your WP database backup attached. In Gmail, I have a filter that dumps the backups into a folder. This keeps the emails out of my Inbox and makes them easy to find if and when I need them.

REBlogWorld 2010 has a session this year on plugins. Ricardo Bueno & Stacey Harmon are teaming up to show you the best-of-the-best; what the real innovators in Real Estate blogging are doing to show off their creative skills & style.

Do you have a cool plugin that you absolutely love? Leave a comment here or head over to the discussion taking place on our Facebook page.


When it Comes To Search Engine Placement

There really is only one page in search engine placement – PAGE 1

We talk about the SERPs and what page we are on for certain search terms.  But we all know there is really only one page and that is PAGE 1.

To refine it even further, Page 1 top 5 listings.  (Above the fold)  That’s where most people click to get their search results.

The Reality of Page One

It is very, very, hard to rank for main keyword searches in Real Estate.  Therefore, what should we do?

  1. First, face the realty.
  2. Second, got over it.
  3. Third, move on.

Can you do this?  Honestly, most don’t.  Most keep trying and trying and trying.  Few ever succeed and if they do make it for a while the All Seeing Eye of Google will change the algo and you will disappear once again banished from Page 1.  So you fight some more, build back-links.  Write keyword rich posts going after than one search result.

Forget The Highlander

There can be only One.  Well in a way that is true, but there is more than one, One.

Some call it the Long Tail Search.   Meaning.  Go after a bunch of vertical markets you work and not just the main search term itself.

It is much easier to get a top page 1 organic ranking for sub-divisions, surrounding communities and areas.

What demographic is key to your area?  Seniors?  Gated Communities? Golf?  Target these searches.

Types of construction in your area are another way to rank high and increase traffic.

Find those strategic keywords and go after them.  They will bring you traffic.

Broaden your thinking about your community and the area you serve.  Think about the types of people who come to your area, the events that draw them, the reasons people want to move where you serve.  Target these searches and garner high search engine placement.


Free Your Thinking About Domain Names

Author Dave Smith    Category RE Blog Tips     Tags

This tip alone could put you on the google search map if you haven’t implemented it already.

Domain Names and Site Titles

I can’t tell you how many people seem to think that Domain Names and Site Titles have to be the same.


Domain Names should be keyword rich.  This is true.  But what if your domain name has the keywords but not in the order you want.  What if your domain name doesn’t havfe any of the keywords in it you really want to rank for in Google Search results.

It is time to take a good look at your Site Title.  It is not linked to your domain name.

For example:

Domain Name: (not a real domain name, yet)  The site name does not have to be Cincinnati RE Today.  It could be Cincinnati Real Estate, Or Bob Sells Cincinnati or . . .

Your most important keyword placement tool is your Site Title.  It is not linked to your domain name.

Of course it you were the lucky one to get the domain name with your city and the words Real Estate in the domain name, then use it.

For more information check out: Freeing Your Thinking About Domain Names and Site Titles.