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Hashtags: It’s all in how you say it #REBW09

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What is a hashtag?

From WikiPedia
For an event: An official tag is a keyword adopted by events and conferences for participants to use in their web publications, such as blog entries, photos of the event, and presentation slides. Search engines can then index them to make relevant materials related to the event searchable in a uniform way. In this case, the tag is part of a controlled vocabulary.

The official hashtag of REBlogWorld 2009 is:

This post has been brought to you by the letter Q.

This post has been brought to you by the letter Q.


Don’t Read My Blog…

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I’m on the panel at REBlogWorld that is going to talk about hyperlocal blogging.  I certainly have a lot of thoughts to share, since my blog is the center of all of my marketing efforts, online and offline.   So the first thing I’m going to tell you: don’t read my blog! It really will bore you… it’s all about the county I live in and the things that are happening there. Plus I throw in some real estate market information and observations too.  I’m guessing that doesn’t appeal to you…which is perfectly okay, because you’re not my audience!

I’m not worried that you are going to steal my content, or copy my writing style, I’m just telling you that you aren’t who I’m writing for. Writing hyperlocally is all about knowing your audience and knowing your area. I’m not trying to reach real estate industry types with my blog, I’m trying to reach LoCo (Loudoun County, Virginia) residents, and people who are thinking about moving there (or at least want information about the area). It seems to be working, too, as about 75 percent of my business comes from my online efforts.

I’m sure you know I’m joking, feel free read my blog to learn the types of things I write about…but please come to RE BlogWorld so that we can give you a roadmap of how and why hyperlocal blogging works for generating real estate business. I’ll be on the panel with Dave Smith, who does the same kind of writing in a completely different area of the country (Tucson, AZ) , Brian Timpone of Blockshopper, and Tracy Schmidt of the Chicago Tribune. The moderator is Allie Herzog, a digital media and public relations strategist.  Hope to see you there, too!


Learn A lot – Save Some Cash

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Without a doubt, the list of speakers and the quality of material at REBlogWorld is going to be insane. We know that everyone understands the education will be great, but not everyone knows how reasonable a trip to Vegas can be right now. With great air fares and hotel discounts, we are seeing people take advantage of some really great deals from many sources.

To save even more cash, you may want to share the expense of a room with another attendee. While we don’t currently have a way to connect people interested in rooming with someone, you are welcome to leave a comment or contact one of us directly to see how we can help. Last year, I shared a room with the world famous, Mike Mueller. Mike and I saved a few bucks and I learned some cool things about blogs and social media from Mr. “Are We connected.”

With days crammed full of learning and nights filled with parties networking opportunities, the play land that is Las Vegas has choices for everyone. If you are looking to save a few bucks on a room, I suggest leaving a comment here or throwing out the question on Twitter and using the hash tag of #reblogworld. We’ll try to keep our eyes and ears open for you.


REBlogWorld Discount Codes: What’s the skinny?

There have been some questions on Twitter about the discount codes (Thanks Mary R Roberts)

Here’s the skinny. These are the lowest prices available for the conference anywhere. These codes are good for Real Estate professionals and those that directly or indirectly serve Real Estate Professionals. After August 15th, prices will go up to $150, $495, & $716.

There are three package offered by REBlogWorld & BlogWorld New Media Expo for the 2009 conference.

Package 1

REBlogWorld Only: $100 until August 15th, 2009. This is a 1 day pass for the REBlogWorld Conference only. It does not include any other sessions, expo, parties, etc. The Registration code: REB1

Package 2

REBlogWorld + BlogWorld Weekend Pass: $400 until August 15th, 2009. This is a pass for both REBlogWorld Conference & BlogWorld New Media Conference. It includes all sessions but the Social Media Business Summit on October 16th & October 17th, 2009. It includes the expo, parties, & lunch on October 15th, 2009 during the REBlogWorld Conference. The Registration code: REBWP1

Package 3

REBlogWorld + BlogWorld Weekend Pass: $480 until August 15th, 2009. This is a pass for both REBlogWorld Conference & BlogWorld New Media Conference. It includes full access to the entire conference program October 15th – October 17th, 2009. It includes the expo, parties, & breakfast/lunch/snacks throughout the entire conference. Registration code: REBFA1

For more information on the package details, please visit the registration page for REBlogWorld at


REBlogWorld: There Is No Better Way To Get In The Mood

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As I get older, I have noticed something.

The really good things in life require more than one person – and the real fireworks happen when people are in the mood.

Take social media for example.

Active participation in social media doesn’t really happen without effort. And being great on social media doesn’t really happen unless you are in the mood.

Just a few things that I have found at REBlogWorld that can help you get in the mood:

    1. Actually meeting some of the people who will do it with you. The people that you will actually be interacting with. My experience is that most of the people I have met are actually cooler in real life than they are on Twitter. Most.
    2. Being able to watch others do it live and on stage – and learning from their techniques. You might be surprised how entertaining and valuable it is to play voyeur for a while. Lurking is good. And fun. And educational.
    3. Learning the proper use of gadgets. Which plugins work well, which ones don’t. Which ones are fantastic and which ones to avoid.
    4. Learn how many times per week is normal. Some people do it too much, some too little — and as with all things, there is a sweet spot.
    5. Finding out that doing it while intoxicated (SMWI for Social Media While Intoxicated) can be dangerous. Learn tips and tricks on how to avoid pitfalls.
    6. Learn proper video techniques. Always important.

      Learning more about the “right” way to do it from some of the famous people is one of the best things I have done.

      So when thinking about REBlogWorld — remember… Vegas + Famous People = No better way to get in the mood.


      Coming To REBlogWorld? How I Lost $64,000.

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      Looking back on REBlogWorld last year, one thing will always burn in my mind:

      The fact that I lost $64,000.

      Wait, that might have come out slightly wrong. Maybe it would be more accurate to say it like this:

      The fact that I could have made $64,000 if I would just have listened to one of the famous people I met in the hallway.

      Everyone Is Good At Something

      When I was young, someone told me that “no matter who you meet in life, everyone is better than you are in at least one thing” and I didn’t really understand it until much later in life. Think about it — everyone you meet — every single person — is better than you are at something.

      So I have made it a game that when I meet people in life, I try to find out what the person is better than me at. Some people it takes about 2 seconds to find out 10 things they are way better at than I am, others it might take a few minutes — but it really isn’t hard.

      And it was at REBlogWorld last year that I met someone who was better than me at picking NFL football games. In fact, in my opinion, I may have met the best person in the world at picking NFL football games and I have a $64,000 hole in my pocket to prove it.

      While we were standing in the hallway, I was whining about how my Fantasy football league was being lame or something and he asked me “do you ever bet on the games?” I replied something like “well the buy in to my fantasy football league was 10 bucks” and he laughed. He said – ok, well just let me know if you ever need any tips.

      So I told him I would try him out. His job was to pick just one game — one game each week — that if I were to bet on, that would be the one.

      So the week after REBlogWorld – he gave me the game to bet on.

      And if I would have bet $250, I would have ended up winning and doubling my money.

      Week 2, he gave me another game to bet on (through Twitter even!).

      And if I would have taken my winnings of $500 and laid it down, that $500 would have been $1,000.

      Week 3?

      You guessed it — I would have been up to $2,000.

      And so on.


      When I did the math, I would have ended up with a chilly sixty-four-grand had I simply listened to the famous person in the hallway.

      Tired of paying for “professional advice” from the talking heads about which teams you should bet on?

      Just stop this guy in the hallway.

      jason berman 2

      And don’t forget to tip the dealer who showed you how to make $64,000.


      REBlogWorld: Where The Smartest Guys In The Room Wear Flip Flops

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      Is REBlogWorld just another social media event?

      Kind of.

      Well, okay — maybe not — but I am virtually certain that in at least one way, it is the same as pretty much every other “new media” event.

      In what way?

      Well, just like every other event – the smartest guys in the room all get on a stage and talk about at least one area of social media that they are a stone-cold-expert on… and everyone in the room knows it.

      The smart people (but not the smartest – remember, they are on stage) in the audience are hoping to just catch at least one little golden nugget of information that they can capture, take home and use to their business to help them.  Some of the new people might just be hoping to understand the basics of whatever-it-is-that-is-being-talked-about.

      But smart or new (rarely do those two combine in social media — rarely, not never) everyone is front-facing and giving full attention to the expert on stage — minus a few random twitter seizures from time to time.

      But wait.

      Is REBlogWorld just another social media event?


      And we have photographic evidence to prove it.

      Only at REBlogWorld do the smartest guys in the room wear flip flops.

      On stage.

      While teaching the masses about better ways to use social media to drive more business.

      God bless REBlogWorld.

      The only place I know of where the smartest guys in the room can wear flip flops while teaching and no one thinks it is strange.

      The Smartest Guy In The Room


      Coming To REBlogWorld? It All Happens In The Hallway.

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      One of the best things about REBlogWorld – and pretty much any other conference is how much you can learn just by lurking around in the hallway and striking up a conversation with one of the famous people also there.

      I learned this trick at the 1st REBarCamp in San Francisco from Mike Price… who oddly enough taught it to me “standing in the hallway” and we were just talking casually. It was the first time I had met Mike and right after the usual “where are you from/what is your name” kind of conversation I was actually dumb enough to ask him if he had a booth at the upcoming Inman conference.

      He smiled.

      Then he looked to the left and then to the right to see who else was going to hear what he was about to say.

      And then he lowered his voice and gave thousands of dollars worth of consulting advice in less than 50 words:

      “Hey, listen. I have been coming to these things for years and if there is one thing that I have learned — it all happens in the hallway.”

      And in my experience over the last year – including my self-proclaimed expertise on REBlogWorld — I can confirm that my experience has also been that it all happens in the hallway.

      So after you see the speaker list and the session schedule for what is sure to be the greatest REBlogWorld yet — remember:

      It all happens in the hallway.

      Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with a famous person. You might be surprised how many thousands of dollars of free advice you can get for a smile and a handshake.



      Coming To REBlogWorld? Don’t Forget YOUR Nick!

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      We all know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas.

      And for everyone out there in some kind of relationship (married, boyfriend, girlfriend, both… well, you get the idea) who happens to be planning their trip to Vegas, here is a simple tip that can help you with the damage control at home:

      Don’t forget YOUR Nick.


      Who is Nick?

      Nick is “that guy” and thanks to one of our famous people that we know, Nick can now also be “that girl”.

      Nick is that certain someone who your “significant other” trusts.

      You know, the one where your significant other says that “as long as you are with Nick” everything will be okay.

      Never mind that it is possible that you could be with Nick doing all-kinds-of-whatever-it-is-that-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas type of things…

      Because your “significant other” knows that Nick is a good person and would never do anything like that.

      And trust me.

      Since I happen to be an expert on REBlogWorld and I know for a fact that REBlogWorld only happens during the day…

      You are going to need to find a Nick to bring with you.

      And no, you can’t borrow mine.

      Nick Bastian


      Why Come To REBlogWorld? Meet Famous People.

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      Ok, I admit it.

      I am an expert on REBlogWorld.

      Well, I guess I am about as much of an expert as you can be after going to one.

      So since I am a self-proclaimed expert… I thought I would post a few things that made my REBlogWorld experience worth it and why you will find me hanging around in the crowd again this year.

      Why Come To REBlogWorld? Meet Famous People.

      In the world, there are “famous” people — and chances are you know who these people are, what they do and where they live. I will give you a few hints about just a few of them…

      • The hottie in Miami who claims to have patented the Mojito.
      • The professional photographer in Minnesota.
      • The princess in San Diego.
      • The cape wearing super hero in Tucson.
      • The Zebra in Virgina.
      • The guy who hangs out with the Head Mutha.
      • The 2 super tall guys who work for the giant online RE sites.
      • The guy who everyone always refers to as X.
      • The GUY from Phoenix.

      Sure, these people (and many more) are all “famous” in the space.  These famous people are actually human. You know them because you read them, love them and can relate to them. You love them because they are able to articulate many of the same joys, pains, successes and failures that you have because they all have the same day job you do: working in the Real Estate industry.

      Being famous is only their night job.

      Just a guess — but I am guessing that most of the above famous people will probably come to REBlogWorld and you will probably feel like you are at the Oscar Awards of Real Estate.

      But these are not the famous people that I am referring to.

      I am referring to the really famous people.

      You know, the ones that you read about on Tech Crunch. Or see  on the cover of VC Weekly because he started some company called WordPress. Heck, last year at REBlogWorld, I even ran into Justin Timberlake in the hallway and asked him for an autograph.


      I take that back.

      I ran into a guy I thought was Justin Timberlake in the hallway only to have him tell me after I asked him to sign my cab receipt he was just another dot-com-CEO kid with an entourage. As he talked with an accent and flipped me his business card I couldn’t help but have 2 thoughts:

      1. His company couldn’t be too legit because his business card looked like he printed it out at Kinko’s
      2. He couldn’t be all that smart because brains and lady-killer looks don’t get together in one human being very often

      And after our brief encounter, I figured I wouldn’t ever see him again — only to find out the next morning from one of the panel speakers at BlogWorld that the guy who I still had his Kinko’d-out business card in my pocket was the CEO of a little outfit named Mashable – and earlier in the week had raised $50,000 on Twitter for digging a well for kids in Africa in one day.

      justin timberlake uh no

      Will you meet famous people at REBlogWorld?


      And you might be surprised who you bump into in the hallway from outside the thanks to the fact that REBlogWorld just happens to be happening in conjunction with BlogWorld — where the real famous people go.